Sunday, 10 August 2014

Making Progress

Really slow progress on the house front - which is frustrating but appears to be out of my hands.  The planning permission has at last kicked into action and the notice is now outside the house which did create a Yippee of excitement, but part of me knows that this is so far from getting the work actually done.  In reality I think we will be lucky if we have it done next year - sigh*

The garage was supposed to be done this summer, but we are still waiting for roof to be tested for asbestos (builder has not sent the sample off yet - another sigh*), and we have not ordered the wooden structure which takes about two months to come (third sigh*).

On a more positive note we have managed to put up two sets of curtain poles and lots of pictures, so the place does feel a bit more like home.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Raspberry Vodka

I have great memories of sitting by the fire at Christmas sipping my mums Raspberry Vodka, but have never tried to make it myself.  As the Scottish raspberries were half price (in a few years I hope to use my own!) and with the preserving bottles on sale too it seemed like a good year to try.  I am already dreaming of sitting next to our little fireplace this winter enjoying a tipple. If nothing else I LOVE the colour.

Having never made it before this is a test run - but my bottles are now happily sitting wrapped in brown paper to preserve that lovely pinky red colour.  Fingers crossed for a good brew.

The recipe notes to try your vodka every now and then to see if it needs extra sugar - but having tried mine it is a bit too sharp but also sweet at the same time? Mmmm... think I will let it brew for longer before adding anything else.