Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Beginning...

So here we are - Frog Hollow, or at least a little bit of Frog Hollow.  It is a very tiny cottage (end of a three cottage terrace) in a lovely Wiltshire village.  Built in around 1890 it is by no means the oldest house in the village, but it has a sort of old world charm about it.  Once upon a time it was probably a farm workers cottage, with two rooms downstairs and two up.

When it was built there was no inside toilet or bathroom.  The three cottages shared a privy in the back garden!  We do have a bathroom of sorts and a toilet that is currently in a cupboard - really can't wait for that to change but on the plus side we don't have to go in the garden.

Over the next year or two (funds and energy allowing) we hope to make some changes - an extra bedroom, a new bathroom, move the kitchen, and completely gut the garden and this blog is my record.

In the blog I hope to share the experience of both living in and renovating Frog Hollow and I look forward to sharing the experience x.